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Anee Pritam
Anee Pritam
Ankita is an amazing dietician. She is very professional and always gives constructive feedback. I feel comfortable speaking with her about everything. I was able to lose 8 kgs with her help. The meal plan was per as my preference. I was even allowed to eat rice, dal, roti and biriyani (all home made). She taught me the key to weight loss is not fad diets but portion control. She has given me a lot of great recipe ideas so, I won't feel bored with my meals and she had made some fantastic suggestions on how to overcome making bad decisions with my meal options. I am very grateful to her for her guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated.
Deepika Puhan
Deepika Puhan
I had my reservations earlier but now I am glad that I decided to get a consultation with Dr Ankita. She and her team members are very thorough and diligent. Keep up the good work. Love and light!
shahid shaik
shahid shaik
I'm shahid, I'm very much depressed of being so much under weight. After consulting Ankita mam they have given free consultation and they have given the details about their program. And the program is also customisable and what the things that I day to day life those where only given, this is the best thing that I loved in their program. Before consulting them I was 46 and now I'm 49kgs in between I skipped so many meals but even after I'm gaining. Thanks to Ankita mam and those who wants to join just consult them you'll be transformed.
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar
It was a great experience getting guidance from Ankita, not just about diet but also about mindfulness while eating. It has helped me in changing my habits for the betterment.
Ayesha Chayani
Ayesha Chayani
No amount of appreciation would be sufficient to describe how efficient Ankita is or the impact she's had on me in the past few months. I was introduced to The Wellness Jar through Google and after signing up,not only did I lose conseriderable weight but also learned the importance of proper eating habits while enjoying my meals. I learned to build a healthy relationship with food and Ankita has patiently guided me throughout my journey so far. I haven't regretted a moment of it.
I RECOMEND THE WELLNESS JAR THOSE WHO ARE WORRIED ABOUT PHYSIQUE . Great Experience with the Wellness Jar family .THANK YOU Mam for putting all your Efforts on me ,the results are very satisfying.
Subhashree Dash
Subhashree Dash
Hii my self Dr. Subhashree...My biggest problem was I wasnt losing any inches even after following many diet routines. But after coming in contact with Ankita mam I have achieved my objective. For that I am very thankful to mam. From now on I am going to follow the routine as it's working for me and I am very happy with the result.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Sagar Kumar Bala
Sagar Kumar Bala
I am Doctor by profession, yet I will 100% recommend to all of you to consult Ankita Maam...the results which I observed are not less then miracle, for my brother it was Simple weight gain , as he was underweight, which he gained 4kg in just 1 month!!! But the most important thing is for my mother, she is suffering from a auto immune disease called Rheumatoid arthritis, all her medication couldn't save her from pain ...time and again,. But but after taking up plan from Ankita Maam, she is painless for straight 45 days , just starting from the diet plan, we followed maam and we got the result...thnks to her .and all the efforts she put for us .. Definitely satisfied and more than happy
Mrutyunjay Pattanaik
Mrutyunjay Pattanaik
I have been under the guidance of Dr. Ankita since 2 months. I am in the verge of tremendous life changing experience. She helped me loose weight (14kgs) in 2 months with the help of easy diet plans and workout plans. She is the best person for the consultation.
Prakruti Devi Bhubaneswar,Odisha

My journey with Ankita at The Wellness Jar has been a very fruitful one. Ankita persistently guided me on the options and portions of the meals. I could just not reduce weight and I had given up. That's when my son put me on to The Wellness Jar which he found on google which was a saving grace. Without starvation, I have reduced my size to smaller. And I eat healthily too. Thanks to Ankita at The Wellness Jar for changing my perception of food

Jituraj Bhubaneswar,Odisha

With Dietician Ankita's help I lost 5-6kg in a month's time through the recommendations she made in my food habit and these changes have helped me immensely.

Lalit Mumbai,Maharashtra

Had an awesome experience with Dietician Ankita.The way you guided me was very effective as you kept monitoring me.Learnt a lot from you be it how the body works,the concepts,portion control and many more.My weight loss hasn't just improved my appearance but also has increased my confidence.This journey was surely different from the previous weight loss methods. Remotely once can understand basics of diet from you. Thanks to you for the transformation.

Shreyas Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Lost a total of 8kg and a couple of inches inspite of the breaks and hectic schedules I had in the last few months. All thanks to you for making really simple lifestyle changes which were so doable and possible and didn't make it fancy and difficult.

Shree Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Thanks Ankita, you have been encouraging in this journey for which I could lose 6kgs without much hassle. And I have learnt a lot about nutrition and its concepts thanks to u.

Subhashree Tripathy Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Hello,Myself Subhashree.I had taken your 45 days program and I am happy to inform you that with your guidance and support today I have lost7kg completely,before I was 60.5 and now its 53,I am going slow but I am sure definitely I will reach 50kg very soon and everything going well as per your guidance.At times due to exam pressure not always able to give 100% but I am trying my best and the most important thing is that my weight is not increase at all rather decreasing slowly. And finally wearing small size from medium size clothes.. thank u so much.

Monalisa Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Improvement in terms of reduction in skin pigmentation, less hair fall and loosing inches and coming down from XL to M with a weight loss 15kg in this 3 months.Thank you so much for all the guidance.

Debashish Bhubaneswar,Odisha

I had a great experience and gained weight following her instructions. Most importantly she has been very helpful and supportive.

Ram Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Thank you very much for the new direction you showed me. With your guidance I gained confidence along with losing 10kg and your method really helped me achieve my goals with my travels and hectic schedule. Thank you once again.

Saraswati Bhubaneswar,Odisha

I am thankful to Ankita for helping me reduce my acidity, gas and bloating to great extent along with losing weight and solving my queries whenever had any.

Sehran Cuttack, Odisha

It was very helpful, The best part about you was giving practical suggestions understanding my lifestyle so well that I enjoyed following it.I had visited so many dieticians before but you came as a blessing to me

Nimisha Kolkata, West Bengal

Dr.Ankita has been a blessing for me. She has really helped me in my weight loss journey. Best part about her is that she is very warm and approachable. She gives you really achievable targets and diets as per your taste. She does listen to you issues related to diet and fitness and suggest changes accordingly. All the diets suggested by her are very basic and easy to follow and not to mention Hassel free. Will give a big thumbs up for her.

Aditi Jajpur, Odisha

Thanks Ankita for helping me lose weight along with treating me for PCOD and getting my periods regular.The best part about you was giving practical suggestions understanding my lifestyle so well that I enjoyed following it.I had visited so many dieticians before but you came as a blessing to me.Can't thank u enough and yes thanks for keeping me motivated always and being there whenever i have needed your help.I would surely recommend Dt.Ankita & The Wellness Jar to everyone.Its different and genuine.

Anisha Dubai

Thanks, Ankita for clearing my concepts and helping me achieve my health goal. She teaches you to heal through food.

Sandeep Bhubaneswar,Odisha

The Wellness Jar is the best online diet program at affordable rates & professional services.They dont typically sell packages and on joining her my whole outlook on healthy lifestyle changed. Thank u Nutritionist Ankita.

Snehal Bhubaneswar,Odisha

I joined Ankita for weight loss,thyroid and pcod,with few months my periods got regular,lost inches and my throid levels came down.Her approach is very practical and more overly make clients do wrong things to achieve personal targets.Ankita you were a blessing for me who was strict but at the same time very sweet and empathetic.Thank u once again.Didn't know the power of simple food and basic lifestyle changes which created magic in my life.

Sushmita Cuttack, Odisha

Extremely glad on having a program with The Wellness Jar.She helps you based on your progress and personalizes it based on the need.She is ga great mentor along with being a dietician is what I would say. She always focuses on simple changes than making complicated ones.People who looking for genuine help should try for sure.

Rajesh Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Thank You Nutritionist Ankita for a great experience and must say the best online diet program I have come across. Lost 6kg in 45days program learning how to maintain and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Jigya Puri, Odisha

Thank You Dietician Ankita Mam for the good experience I benefitted lot gaining the weight which I was trying for so many years.

Sachita Dhenkanal,Odisha

With The Wellness Jar Program we learned to manage our dad's high diabetes and cholesterol through simple Odia diet.The program was of a great help to us.

Abhik Kolkata,West bengal

​A big thank you to Nutritionist Ankita for helping me reduce my cholesterol,blood pressure levels along with helping me reverse and cure the fatty liver issue along with losing 6kgs of weight.She helped me with practical suggestions and diet and exercise which I could follow during my travels too.Loved her way of dealing with it and continuous support.

Dipanita Nerul,Navi Mumbai

The best of this program was that how the program were planned in a step by step process depending on the individual. It was flexible and help anyone taking up the plan to be regular and follow in the long run. The attention to details and regular follow up and pushing the individual to be regular in the diet and exercise was very helpful. I would like to thank you for all the efforts and would definitely like to continue and recommend you to others as well.

Asha Bangalore

Very effective and a great person to interact with as she makes you comfortable and listens to you .Lost 4kgs already and continuing my journey with her towards reversing my diabetes and thyroid.

Aditya Hyderabad

Was facing difficulties with weight gain and people just spoke to me about supplements.But Ankita mam from The Wellness Jar approach is very different and she made me gain 7kg in 4months with no supplements only home food and also helped cure my digestion issues.

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