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“Unlocking the Magic of Fermented Rice: A Recipe You’ll Love”

Many of you are calorie-conscious eaters and are very scared of eating rice even though it has been a staple food for us Indians since ancient times.

Most people today especially the younger generation skip rice entirely to lose weight and achieve their health goals.

But, people forget the fact that apart from just carbohydrates, rice also contains a lot of nutrients, and is very gut friendly hence in India even now when a person falls sick we serve them Dal Khichdi or Dal Rice as it is considered one of the most comforting foods.

So rice is not at all bad if taken the right way.

And today we going to discuss one of the healthiest forms of rice which is not just inexpensive, but easy to make and available in most households. Already a very popular dish in a few states like Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

It”s a super easy and inexpensive item one could include in their diet which has a lot of health benefits and is very easy to make too.

Famously known as Panta Bhat in West Bengal, Pakhala in Odisha, poita bhat in Assam, pazhan kanji in Kerala, paaniwala chawal in the northern side and Pazhaya saadam in Tamil Nadu. With temperatures already going up, this summer food got to be a part of one’s diet at least a few times a week.

Now coming to the recipe, 2 ingredients are all you need, rice, water, and a vessel to keep it. One can use a clay pot or steel or glass utensils for the preparation. To make it, take the leftover cooked rice and store the rice in a utensil with a little bit of water.

Cover it and let it stay overnight at room temperature. The next morning the powerful and magical dish is ready. The process of leaving the rice overnight and fermenting it makes it a probiotic and gut-friendly food.

You can just take 1-2 spoons of this rice along with the water first thing in the morning as a probiotic. Or one can have it as a meal for breakfast or lunch preferably.

One must avoid it for dinner. It can be served with dry roasted vegetables, chili, onion, pickles, fish, buttermilk, or yogurt.

All states have their way of eating it and you can choose whichever suits you best.

And this is one of the best ways to utilize the leftover rice from dinner which also makes you avoid food wastage and helps you reuse it for making healthier food with very little effort.

So do try out this simple 2 ingredient dish which is a powerhouse of gut-friendly probiotics and essential nutrients. It’s a summer superfood that will provide you with tons of only benefits right from boosting digestion to strengthening immunity and many more. Check out the health benefits of fermented rice.

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